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Hey Birdy


Uploaded .

This song was made with only two short bird samples.

  1. A wild screaming pija and 2)parrot. I made it last night after taking an antihistamine for all the chigger bites. paz.
Guest said

genial :)

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Groove Penguin said

Very creative. Cool organic vibe

Guest said

my favorite bird! pwe pwe yoh!

Guest said

it very nice music

Guest said


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Alan A! said

this is awesome... all these tracks are awesome. I gotta start listening more often.

Guest said

hello!! i just clicked on your website from the ACA website,that's where i want to go to do a volunteering as a resident artist soon. this ,your music i mean, is fantastic,great it a lot congratulations. Montse Castellano

Guest said

Your music is soo amazingly beautiful and inspiring.

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Johnny Stone said

Great I starting to sweat in this jungle.

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jennifer said

GO, glu, GO! Your project idea is the coolest thing. Someone in public radio in America needs to hear what you're doing. I'll send you a private message with contact info.

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