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Another ornament

Pat Bondy

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My wife and I get a new ornament every year, for something memorable from the past year. This is a Christmas song about that tradition. I don’t know if it’s destined to become a Christmas classic, but I quite like it :)

The light is growing shorter
The days, a little colder
Making popcorn and singing
The carols are ringing

Another ornament up on the tree
Beside Rudolph, above Frosty
An ornament for the year past
To remember, and make it last

A good year, a bad year
A happy or sad year
We bring each one with us
A layer, a witness

Put the ornament up on the tree
Above Rudolph, by the holly
A new ornament that makes you glad
Every year, another we’ll add

Singing Carol of the Bells,
Watching Zoey Deschanel
And Will Ferrell in Elf
And then Peanuts, on Christmas tv…

So put the ornament up on the tree
Beneath Rudolph, there’s a place, you’ll see
Did we run in a road race or camp in a new place
Or visit with our families

For those no longer here
To trim their Christmas trees
With a Christmas collection of years
We’ll put up on our tree a new ornament too
For memory and love long renewed

So put the ornaments up on the tree
Another year to commemorate
With trinkets and candies and toys for the young ones
And a hand to hold for you and me

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