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Dancing with the girl with the band in her hair

Pat Bondy

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This song sets a breathless pace. It’s about a girl who dances everyone else under the table.


Dancing through the crowded room
A silver band in her hair
Weaving, whirling, on her toes
There’s music in the air
A lover taps his toes in time
He steps out on the floor
He twirls her round, and then once more
She’ll dance him out the door

Still dancing in the crowded room
The patrons stop and stare
Stomping out the pulsing beat
The girl, she has a flair
One by one, they’re up and down,
She’ll dance them round and round,
None can match her, still they try
She’s dancing through the night


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Wayne Webster said

Great song! Definitely gets me up and dancing!

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