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In Yukon and Alaska

Pat Bondy

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A happy little tune about a long road trip my wife and I took this summer.

Well we were young and we were free
And it was you and it was me
And we were out long after midnight
And the sun was shining all the night through

And we were moving in a hurry
Leaving behind all of our worry
Sleeping in hotels and in the car
And I strummed along on my little guitar

And we rode on boats and bikes and ATVs
And we covered the ground with our own two feet
And we ate and drank and laughed
Around the fire

Well now we’re back among the sunflowers
With the hidden gems in the rolling hills
And we call it home and we’re not alone
With the sunset skies you’ll always know

Still one day we’re going back there
Up to roads for days, and mountains and streams
Where the buffalo graze and the moose will run
In the rocky land of the midnight sun

In the Yukon and Alaska

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Wayne Webster said

Conjured up happy memories of the trip my wife and I took up the Alaska Highway many years ago, when we were young. It was our first trio together.

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