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Fire In The Night


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What can I say? well, thanks for the comments! It still amzes me that my solitary style (when the whole song is me myself and I) makes it over to you all. And that you “get” what I try to do in the arranging, that it’s ok to emphasize the mood, bring an hypnotic feel into the listening. I’m ok with straight on chords and rythymns, they tell part of the story for me. Must be the Celtic/Cherokee background. As for this song: I’m not the kind of guy who cools down. The longer I’ve loved, the deeper I burn. I don’t believe there’s a disconnect between romance sex and love, it’s a holy triad that rules us all, except the cold and denying. I need a fire in the night, because I am one.

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da gubbamint said

smoov track dogg.

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kirklynch said

Great stuff there! Nice to see you back again!

Guest said

Mesmerising! Great lyrics and vox!

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Dave Berry said

You've got a real hypnotic style. This is a great song.

Guest said

I say well done.

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