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Peace Of Mind (Little Guitar Suite)

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…he understood that more nothing is necessary; it already here, now // peace of mind, confidence and clear vision of the purpose of existence // he took a deep breath and swam down the river…

/for all the people

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Bethan Mathis said

Is a much sought after luxury. Your water sequences are beautiful.

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MemphisMaiden said

nice :-)

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thetworegs said

He listened while shaving ......applying the shaving cream precisley.....then taking great pleasure in razoring it off...his thoughts drifted....the sun started to break through the window and grab his attention.....a voice must get to work....but it's my day off.......well what's this list of things to Do then...get your pen and start to tick the list.....and so the day started.....

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Gene Eric Mann said

I can't say why, but listening to this for me was like watching an autumn-colored leaf riding the surface of a slow and gentle brook. Relaxing, hypnotic, and even refreshing. It was a pleasant break from my tense-filled day. Beautiful and sweet.