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A Tele And A Strat Were Having A Discussion (Rough Idea)


Uploaded .

Just a quick bit of screwing around to see if I like the idea later to actually pursue it.

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Johnny Stone said

Great sound mate

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Andrew Russe said

A tele and a strat - all you need! Love the sounds. Nice playing too.

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IronAngel said

Heh, funny you should say that Night Howls! After the quick take, I was reviewing, thinking "jeze I should have played that note instead..." and came up with the idea of a desert roadhouse soundscape. The background sound of card players, poker chips hit the table, the crunch of gravel under a boot outside, the door creaks open and the guitars start sort of thing.

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The Night Howls said

I can picture hearing it in a movie while someone is checking into a crappy motel in the desert.

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