778 tracks by James Michael Taylor

(C) 2018 Royal T Music
I have a new love Of course she doesn't know How can a work of art Know when lovers come and go And when the artist is the art! My eyes are the eyes of the beholder And my eyes are the eyes of the world... ...when the artist is the…
DOG AT THE GATE I’m just a dog that stands at the gate Not knowing it’s lot. Not expecting it's fate Unable to see the truth in it's face Not accepting the fact that she's not coming back We were watching TV and she was weeping They…read more
IF I'D BEEN A LUTHERAN If I'da been a Lutheran I might have married Jodie Harris Learned hill-side irrigation and I'd have learned to weld And all the city fathers would have slapped me on the shoulder And all the city mothers wished me…read more
SPOONS I threw her spoons outside my window I put her shoes outside my door I don't care which way the winds blow I don't want 'em any more All I know is when the day is thru And the nights are long still dream of you. I can search…read more
MAYBE YOU I've been told that girls like boys that already have a girl I wanna know If it’s true that girls like boys that already have a girl Will you be mine You won’t have to hold my hand If you don't I'll understand Just be…read more
She threw her slip into the bed spread She threw her panties on the stack Tomorrow it goes to the cleaners He said that he will not be back She turned and reached into the corner She took her guitar from the rack...
It was quiet today at the dog park. It was hot. Everybody found a shady spot...
THE CIRCLE OF NO REGRETS Key C If my heart be broken let it be by beauty If my tears be spoken let it be by music If my silence must be ending let it be by laughing If my love must say good-bye let it be in dying If my pockets empty…read more
How many miles must Guillermo walk? Before all my good intentions are more that just talk... How many shoes must his toe wear thru? How many miles must Guillermo walk? Thursday afternoon and the bridge is a mess No chance to pull over so…read more
Me life is different with me mother gone She has left her son for the great beyond At the end of the day I must carry on Life be different with me father gone When the sun goes down I feel so alone With me children abed it be time for a…read more
Thirty one years in this city. Thirty one years on this street Fighting in the morning. Fighting at night. This place has the smell of defeat. But, when we get to Colorado. When we get to Colorado... That Bob is a genius. Everyone agrees…read more
March March 24 COWTOWN 2018
THE BURDEN OF SANITY As I turned on to Calhoun I could hear the music from the street A dog piss on a speaker as I found myself a seat Now, Buster is a caveman all hunched over his bones Hair matted like a buffalo, like he’d never owned…read more
DOG PARK Everybody meet me down at the DOG PARK If you need me I’ll be down at the DOG PARK Sunday afternoon and I’m bound for the DOG PARK Everybody gets along at the DOG PARK White and black and brown at the DOG PARK Nobody’s looking…read more
Some people have someone to hold them when they are lonely Some people have someone to call their one and only Some folks miss the boat, or get a boat that won’t float Or get a goat that eats their grass Some people have someone to call their…read more
It's about Fog... The fog that crept into the window at the Fort Ord stockade back in 1965, when I would skip breakfast and sit in the barber chair and smell the ocean air.
WHEN THE RAIN When the leaves fill up the gutters and the rain begins to fall And the geese look down for shelter from the squall And the puddles in the school yard look like lakes from up on high And the weaving of their feathers…read more
Buddy Holly said he made songs out of things he'd heard his mother say a;; his life... I'll always remember what mama said I'll never forget what my mama said: She said, "That'll be the day when you say good bye That'll be the day when you…read more
Jolanda My favorite "biker"
CHAMELEON She's a chameleon. "Been there. Done that." She's a chameleon, if you know my Ilene She's a chameleon At first I that that we were twins in spirit Everything I'd touched, she'd been near it Shaking her head, "Yes, I know…read more
UpSide Down I think you’ll find a six is a nine when your world is upside down And history is news to me every time I turn around And everything is backwards n my mirror Mmmmm A lullaby just makes me cry when I sing it to myself And…read more
Born with my left arm over my head, a big blood blister covered my left elbow. .I was extracted from my mother's body with forceps. Seems that caused a tumor on my right temple which was surgically removed when II was about three. The purple elbow…read more
Recorded at Texas Central with Pete Thompson turning the knobs. Pete also played the drums and bass. Thank you, Pete. LANCASTER STREET Midnight in Cowtown. 90 degrees Too hot for a blanket. Too hot for a sheet The trash on the sidewalk…read more
I have always loved this poem by Robert Frost.
If you don't like me, I understand If you are tired of me, I understand This won't be the first time It won't be the last Yes, you are sorry, I understand Yes, you feel guilty. I understand But don't say, "I love you," as you walk out…
Dick Dale's gonna die on stage He's gonna die in the middle of a song. Dick Dale sings Johnnie Cash He wales on his saxophone Dick Dale's doctor warns Dick Dale, "If you keep it up you won't last long." Dick Dale played surf music at his…
IF I WAS A CATERPILLAR If I was a caterpillar this is what I’d do I would promise to get better, all on account of you I have dreams of velvet wings of gold and purple hue Change my robe and change my slippers all on account of you I…read more
TREES I love trees Trees love me Take my breath every time I breathe (Breathe it out Breathe it in Trees and me are a mirrored twin) (C) 2017 Royal T Music
IT’S HARD TO REMEMBER capo @ 5 in G WHILE I’M TRYING TO FORGOT G C G D G It’s so hard to remember while I’m trying to forget G D G…read more
COLORS Roses are red. Violets are blue I could name a bunch of flowers and colors too Roses are red. Tulips are too But I could never name all the colors that look good on you CHORUS There was a time my world was black and white…read more
SOMETHING ABOUT THE NIGHT TIME Something about the night time makes me feel alive Makes me want to sing a song. Think about my life Maybe light a candle. I like lemon grass Something about the night There’s something about the night that…read more
I HATE GOODBYES September 8, 2017 Capo 2 IN D 
I go in the back door. Never in the front
 All of that attention is the last thing that I want
 You know what I’m talking ‘bout the kisses and the hugs
 Climbing on the furniture, tripping…read more
GHOST TOWN   capo @ 2 in C I live in a ghost town out on the edge of space Everything is dusty, but everything is in it’s place All the doors hang open and when it rains I shake I live in a ghost town since you went away… I live…read more
SOMERTHING TO BELIEVE capo @ 2 in C C They’re rounding up the roosters down in Florida F Drowning all the snakes in New Orleans G The fires are chasing antelopes in Chyanne…read more
THE RAMP They’re taking down the ramp next door at Rita’s I’m no fool. I know what's going on Either she has died or she’s been taken to a home where she will waste away The boards are stacked up in the drive at Rita’s I will help Al…read more
Pete Thompson at the controls Texas Central Today's goodie... LANCASTER STREET - Em James Michael Taylor Midnight in COWTOWN. 90 degrees Too hot for a blanket. Too hot for a sheet The trash on the sidewalk is trying to sleep Breathing…read more
I'm so tired I think I'll get in my car and go down to Fred's Maybe Stefen will sing me a song... I'm so tired I think I'll get in my car...
Maybe I could be a potter Throwing all the words away Maybe I could learn the language of the clay Maybe I could be a potter Sweep the words out of the way Let my fingers find the music in the clay
A song for Barbara and Jeff... When love is late it doesn’t matter It will flow back thru the cracks Be it truth or idle chatter Love shines sunshine on the facts How many chapters in the story Or how much time it spends Be it tragedy…read more
I QUIT Nobody has to put up with this shit You can make your stand and tell the world, "I quit." You can do it with a gun. You can do it with a corvette But nobody has to put up with this shit. (C) 2017 Royal T Music
IRON I've got iron for my anemia A bucket trip to Tanzenia I've got a picture of a lion with a bone A transfusion in Monrovia Red blood cells in Angolia And I wonder if I'm going to make it home Take a week off from my medicine Doctor…
There are many suns There are many moons But there's only one you. Moon light lights the path The planets do the math All that's left for me to do is you I knew it from the moment that we met You standing there. A scene I won't forget…read more
DIGGIN’ A HOLE by Jeff Prince Diggin’ a hole is a natural thing to do. Out in Odessa digging for Texas crude. Or up in the Klondike searching for buckets of gold. There’s plenty a good reason for a man to be diggin’ a hole. Diggin’ a…read more
Get outta my way, I'm headin' on down this road I'm on my way but I got no place to go I've paid my dues. I just want my share I've got the sun in my eyes and the wind in my hair But I got nobody I've got no one to run to No one to see…read more
NEW DAY Key A In the morning when she gets me up Pours some wake up in my coffee cup She opens the window, lets the new day in She says, “Open your heart and embrace it. Take that frown and erase it. I whistle a happy song…” CHORUS…read more
Em Well, some folks got big noses Some folks got big ass Some folks stand out in the aisle Make it hard to pass Am Some folks got money Em They say, “That’s just how it goes.” B7 A They make it hard for folks like me Am Em To keep…read more
Nothin' much. Just the most dependable thing in our world.
When I was in college my room mate told me a STORY about a traveler who arrived at the gates of a city in a strange land. Seeing a beggar at the gate he gave him a coin and asked him a question: "What kind of people will I find in your city…read more
Rocka my brain. Rocka my soul Rocka my body in a six foot hole Don't leave me here to face this night alone Rock me in the evening. Rock me at night Rock my body in the broad day light But don't leave me here to face my life alone You…read more
GRUMBLE RUMBLE Grumble rumble goes the sky Spitting water in my eye Whhhhhhhhhhh goes the wind Time to call the children in That's no rumble from the sky Those are guns with barrels that glow And the freezing water in my eye It's spraying…
Always Young In My Dreams capo at 5 G D G GbassG# I’m always young in my dreams Am AmbassG AmbassF# D My horse is always Old Shane Am D D#dim Em So proud and strong as we canter…read more
Howling At The Moon capo @ 1 in E E E^ E E A E A E I pull on my jeans and tighten up my buckle E^^ B7 B7^ B7 If I’m not crazy now, I will be soon E…read more
CATFISH FISHIN' a song by my buddie, Guthrie Kennard Three days of rain Mud between my toes First day of sun Cut me a cain pole I’m goin’ catfish fishin’ I’m goin’ catfish fishin Catfish I’m fishin Catfish fish fishin’ Lilly…read more
INFATUATION UNREQUITED They say it's just infatuation I only wish that it was true Infatuation unrequited feels like love to me for you And then they say, "Silence is golden," and I don't know what to do The Autumn leaves the branches…read more
Irish Potatoes
BAND - FOOTBALL SEASON Well, it must be football season The band is on the field The music trembles in the tree tops as it tumbles down the hill It echoes off the black top as the drummers do their drill I feel your breath on my shoulder…read more
I KEEP MY RADIO ON I keep my radio on From sunset to dawn Keeps the spooks at bay Scares them all away I keep my radio on I guess some folks got no problems Some folks got no regrets Don’t know how they do it I’m not there yet…read more
EVERYTHING Everything you know or think you know Everything you know is wrong Life ain't no hootenanny and you don't have to sing along You can laugh and you can mumble You can hold your breath Take a little piece of my heart now honey…read more
PAPER BOAT I'm a paper boat Down the gutter I float It's not clear who put me here...
ULTRA VIOLET Maybe I could fill the tank Head on down. What do you think? I could be there in about three hours... You could talk and I could listen Walk you outta Depression Prison Turn that thunder storm into an April Shower We…read more
THE LESSON I saw her in a music store in Fort Worth, Texas I'd driven in to buy some strings It was like getting hit by a little fist in my solar plexis when she said, “Can you help me tune this thing?” She had a smile. A thin disguise…read more
My version of a song written by Guthrie Kennard CATFISH FISHIN' Three days of rain Mud between my toes First day of sun Cut me a cain pole I'm goin' catfish fishin' I'm goin' catfish fishin Catfish I'm fishin Catfish fish fishin…read more
A PICTURE I CAN'T THROW AWAY Key C C G C I have a picture I can't throw away C C+ F A pretty girl with a smile on her face F C walk down to Am…read more
BEANSPILLER I'm a beanspiller I'm a squeaky wheel I'm the guy that speaks up and ruins the deal and when you get hurt I say,"Ouch!" I'm the change you loose in your couch I'm a leaky faucet I'm a tree that weeps I'm a tattle tale…read more
It’s a small town event. Woodlake, California. East side of the San Joaquin Valley. 14 miles from where all those “Lindsey” olives you see on your grocery store shelves come from. The Woodlake Echo, says, “In the foothills of the Sequoias…read more
Sadly, Annie and Allan are now divorced... The games are over... Annie & Allan Annie and Allan were having a problem Made a decision to go their own ways Annie and Allan made an announcement Not even knowing how it saddened our…read more
New song from GHOST OF JOHN MURPHY from the POP GOES THE GHOST album WHEN LAYLA COMES OVER When Layla comes over everything stops When Layla comes over I put on my socks I put on my shoes. I put on my shirt. When Layla comes over…read more
My favorite song by Jane Bowers Sung by The Kingston Trio many years ago WHEN I WAS YOUNG When I was young and dreams were new, I loved a girl who looked like you. I saw her face in mountains stream. I lingered there and lost myself…read more
A Facebook Friend posted a picture of a sign hanging on a tree that had the words to the first verse. I couldn't leave well enough alone...I Googled the verse and found it was written by Dallas Clayton. MESSAGE ON A TREE “She blew…read more
PRETTY GIRL Pretty girl, pretty dress Well, I must confess my heart is in a mess Pretty girl Some guys can walk up to a girl Say, "Hey! I love you They make it look like something So easy to do Pretty girl, pretty dress Well, I…read more
ANNETTE The creek's a risin' and my line is set Gonna cash in on my catfish bet My bobber's a bouncin' and I'm gonna get wet She said she'd fix me dinner if I caught a fish She might suspect that's my favorite wish So, I got myself…read more
THIS OLD HOUSE Key C C F C This old house has a mushroom on the lawn F C This old house is a raincoat I put on G C This…read more
STEPPIN' ON SOME TOES Key - Em and E Em Well, some folks got big noses Some folks got big hats Some folks stand out in the aisle Make it hard to pass Am Some folks they got money Em They…read more
HURRY I'm not in a hurry I've got all day to get there You don't have to worry I learned my lesson out there I spent all night in Utah As I make Green River The chains banged on the exhaust Til she began to quiver Asphyxiation creates…read more
My friend, George Sluizer was making a film with River Phoenix and asked me to submit some music to possibly be used in the movie. He didn’t end up sing this but he did use four other of my submissions. (C) 2015 Royal T Music
You say, "I hope things are going well for you," and Have a wonderful day." Could we just leave these kind of things out of our conversation? I don't have wonderful days. I have days I stay distracted enough not to shake with the horror of growing…read more
She broke all the rules Had to love her. Can't recover. Think I'm gonna tell my mother. (C) 2015 Royal T Music
RONDA'S THEME Ronda. Ronda. In her faded blue jeans with her guitar she sings It's just one of the things about Ronda. Ronda was a little girl Just like you Once upon a time But now, but now She's RONDA (C) 2015 Royal T Music
I doubled all the lines to help me and a friend learn the song. There is a shortened version on down the page if you don't want to have to hear every line repeated. THE CIRCLE OF NO REGRETS Capo @ 5 - played in C positions C F…read more
Girls aren't like guitars. They won't just sit around waiting for you to come up with something interesting to do Girls aren't like guitars. If you're having problems maybe it's because Girls aren't like guitars (C) 2015 Royal T Music
WRITER’S BLOCK I went out to the stockyards last night. I don’t get out much but I had an invite. My buddy, Guthrie Kennard was playing. The place was full. The band was tight. Whitney Raquel opened the night And the kids from the 2500 Club…read more
SNOW MAN I'll tell you right now I don't cry You might mistake some sweat for a teardrop in my eye But, I don't cry In spite of what you might be thinking I don't get tired of humble pie (That's not a tear drop in my eye) And don…read more
WATER I was standing there just pumping gas and pissing on my tire When I dropped my wallet. The situation's dire I got water on my wallet and water on my shoe Standing there at half a tank wondering what to do It's kinda hard to zip…read more
THE CIRCLE OF NO REGRETS Key C C F G C C G C If your heart must be broken let it be by beauty C F G C C G C If thru tears you be spoken let it be by music Am…read more
IF If your heart must be broken let it be by beauty If in tears you be soakin' let it be by music If your silence must be ended let it be by laughter If your love must say good-bye let it be in death If your pockets must be empty…read more
This is the extended version of the 35 second original... Guitars and drums are so helpful when one wants to express despair and confusion and despair. ANY MORE It was raining in the parking lot We ran all the way to the door That…read more
This is the original "song". ANY MORE It was raining in the parking lot We ran all the way to the door That's when you said, "I love you but I don't need you any more."
Svetlana is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/public/Svetlana-Lazareva SVETLANA Svetlana, the prettiest girl in the world Flew in from Lithuania. Makes me go ho insania What will I do now? What did I do before? Svetlania has a…read more
(C) 2015 Royal T Music
This song is the concluding song on my RPM Challenge February album. It is a good-bye to the project. http://www.rpmchallenge.com/ Not a good-bye to Alonetone or anything else. SEE YA It has been a lot of fun Listening to…read more
KAWEAH Kaweah, Kaweah There's a place on up the hill Redwood trees are standing still The murmur of the river will invite you Lay your head down on a rock You'll forget about the clock The whisper of the sun will melt the shadows…read more
THE COUCH - by James Michael Taylor Today we put the couch out by the road My daughter said it's time to let it go I'd hauled it all the way from Tennessee. It was the couch my parents gave to me She brought me a new one in it's place…read more
This is all me... VOICES There is something deep inside that wants to laugh and cry Something that would like to tell it's story There is something deep inside that wants to dance and wants to fly Maybe you would guess it's called the…
LOSER Did you ever lose your britches Did you ever lose a shoe Did you ever lose that sweater Your best friend gave to you Did you ever lose that girl you held so tenderly Well, let me tell you buddy. You're a lot like me Did you ever…read more
I'LL NEVER SAY I LOVE YOU AGAIN I'll never say, "I love you," again I believe in love without end And I know that it's true That I'll always love you But I'll never say, "I love you," again I'll never say, "I love you," again You'll…read more
THERE, I SAID IT The more you got, the more you got to lose From the top of your head down to the bottom of your shoes The things you love. The things you abuse It's enough to give a white boy the blues I said it. There, I said it It might…read more
HOW I've got a friend. He is in trouble But he just stands there in the rubble It seems each day his sorrows double He needs to know. He needs to know How do you keep your hand from shaking How do you keep your fear from waking How…read more
Dude stole my guitar so I wrote a song about him... BICYCLE EDDY Bicycle Eddy, he rode at night Had no fenders on his bike Had a brown streak up the back of his shirt Eddy don't care. "It's just dirt." Bicycle Eddy, he slept all day…read more
I CAN'T TELL I can't tell if it's morning or evening I can't tell night from day I can't tell if I'm arriving or leaving Doesn't mean a thing to me Since you went away I can't tell if it's sunny or raining I can't tell if it's…read more
ADOBE & BLOOD Thanks to David Kneller for bringing up the subject and creating that phrase: ADOBE & BLOOD I read a lotta stories about a lotta stuff But I tell ya folks, I'll never read enough To block out the memories what's under…read more
Jeff's version FLORENCIA The tide is going out in Avila I can feel it in my blood Here I am in South Beach Florida Just like you knew I would There's a place in California Where the coast is always clear You said you'd be in Florida…read more
THE GIFT An architect in Bakersfield gave him a gift of wine Napa Valley, California, famous for the vine When the grape is coupled with the peach, the promise is divine But he would never pull the cork as he alone would dine The day…read more
It's so dark she can't sleep She needs more ice in her water She lost her smile It went to Nashville So she sent me her address I didn't know if I should answer or go to her I could call a taxi Too much wine Too much coffee Too…
Florencia Di Concilio is a composer who lives in Paris. Among other things, she writes music for movies. One of the movies she wrote music for is DARK BLOOD, the last River Phoenix movie. She and I planned to get together and see what we could…read more
When you come to the end of the road and all of the signs just say "No" You never say, "Quit" Cause that's not your bit You're not a pup You never give up...
Capo @ 2 in D (E) Dropped D tuning D G Bb A A year in jail can change man You hang on to everything you can Some things just bound to slip away I'm stuck in a cell with I don't know what Can't sleep a wink is all I got One foot on…read more
It seems our hunger to express awe is channeled into petty things early in our life and when we break free we feel robbed because all the mighty expressions are tied up in silly stories about some jealous being making contradictory demands…read more
"THE TOMMY HOOKER BAND is a regular Wednesday night act at Pearl's Dance Hall and Saloon in the Fort Worth Stockyards and he packs the house – everyone loves him." http://tommyhooker.com/Tommy_Hooker/Home.html https://www…read more
IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY If it makes you happy I will tie your shoe If it makes you happy I will tickle you If it makes you happy I'm telling you true If it makes you happy I'll be happy too If it makes you happy I will wiggle my ears…read more
It seems at every gig people tell me I sound like Neil Young. Well, really? Do I?
PLEASE DON'T TELL ME ANY MORE capo @ 3 in G James Michael Taylor 09 26/7 14 VERSE ONE - You said you knew the story would upset me G That you'd resolved to kept it to yourself G D You said you knew how hard it would…read more
IF IT MAKES YOU HAPPY KEY - C C F C If it makes you Happy I will tie your shoe C D G If it makes you happy I will tickle you F C Am…read more
DEAR PEGGY Dear Peggy,I thot you'd like to know That blue tile in our bathroom you said would have to go I replaced with the slate that we bought at Home Depot mmmmm mmmmm Dear Peggy, The heat has killed the lawn And water is so expensive…read more
NEW DAY Key A A E A E In the morning when she gets me up A E D E Pours some wake up in my coffee cup A D E A She opens the window, lets the new day in…read more
This is a true story. Cody even permitted me to use his name. Cody is a cowboy, a horseman, that’s for sure Traded in his guitar for long John underwear Every day he pulls his boots almost to his knees Oh, Cody is a cowboy. A yodel le de…read more
I read a book a long long time ago Why it frightened me, I didn’t know But there it was. There I was How did I know? A simple story. A man and his lover. Made me quiver. Run for cover. Beautiful lady in my future…Woooo I read a book…read more
She put a message up on Facebook. She’d wrecked her car and she couldn’t get to work. I watched to see if any of her friends would volunteer. They just wished her well There’d been a storm. The streets were frozen. Cobble stone ice on all of…read more
People have told me, “Time will heal.” How does that work when Time stands still? I will listen. Maytbe it’s true, Time will go backwards... Sometimes I forget you’re gone. If Time could go backwards... Sometimes I forget you’re gone
It's Riddle. I’ll bet she’s thinking about me today. Oklahoma City is far away. She’s in Denver. I’m in Fort Worth Fifty years have passed but I’ll bet she’s thinking about me today. © 2014 Royal T Music
I’m clinging to the memories as the world falls apart The falling leaves, dead Everlys are pulling at my heart. My quest for rationality, I can’t even start. So, I’m clinging to the memories as the world falls apart I’m clinging to the memories…read more
Sun shines thru the clouds. They disappear. Like my feelings when I have you near. There’s nothing between the planet and the sky No cloud cover. Cold as ever. Cold as ever. © 2014 Royal T Music
FRANCINE EATS ORANGES Adapted from a poem by Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick (http://shannonhardwickpoetry.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/francine-creates-her-story-as-if-asked-to-author-her-own-birth/) © 2013 Shannon Elizabeth Hardwick Francine…read more
YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN I clearly remember, you said it didn't matter I asked your permission. You said it's my decision I said, "It's quite a climb." You said, "Well, take your time." I asked you how you're doing and you said you were doing…read more
WHO SHE WAS Maybe she'll come back. I hope she does. Maybe there's a site on line that'll tell me where she works and who she was Lady, please come back. I'll be right here Ever night I'll pull up the covers and shut my eyes and pray…read more
I’ll tell you the truth. I’ve been out of control They took away my blanket. Put me out in the cold. Even Miami’s got ice on the ground Man said, “You be a good boy and get out of my town.” I’d just got to sleep when they turned on the…read more
When Jimmy was little he couldn’t stand still He had pepper in his britches Jimmy was so funny. We threw him lots of money. He kept us all in stitches Jimmy was a thumper. A shadow humper. He scratched it where it itches Jimmy was a…read more
Well, I hate to change my story, but I'm nobody's savior any more If you're looking for salvation you can find it at the Salvation Army store They got a Naugahyde recliner they say will save your back And if you've got tools to save, they've…read more
Weather man is talking on the radio. Says the sun is going to shine but does he really know? If I believed that the sun would shine I’d dump my umbrella and I’d feel so fine But if you say that the clouds will stay I’ll button my coat and…read more
I feel so small. I feel so weak I feel so small © 2014 ROYAL T MUSIC
Capo at 5 - playing in Am position I got my standards. Oh, yes, I do Don't allow no smoking No tobacco chew Don't allow no boozin' Don't allow no grass If I catch you hurting yourself again I'll leave your ass Oh, yeah, you're pretty…read more
No more sin or sorrow foolish fancy to a fault No more dirth upon the land that withers under the assault No more Babylon behavior bobbing up and down and up until we drown away each memory scattered from a shattered cup. No more crying for…read more
© 2013 Royal T Music
ALWAYS - jbp Mountain of ice Crystallized Sculpture in white Glacier serene Pretty thing Mother Nature’s Wedding ring Falls back to sea Melts to blue Like you and me All our life, always All our life, always Snowflakes to…read more
FORESTS OF IRAN light burned and went toward the heart of dark night like thick dust crawled into the woods dark imagination all greens are black in woods at night, but in a twinkling of an eye the woods dream germinates in the…read more
AYAHAUSCA Twenty seven hours from now We’ll be touching down Both feet on the ground We’ll be safe we’ll be sound we’ll come down from our spiraling tower in twenty seven hours Momentary thieves in the night Peer thru open shades…read more
Bridges She put a message up on Facebook She'd wrecked her car and couldn't get to work I watched to see if any of her friends would volunteer They just wished her well There'd been a storm. The streets were frozen Cobblestone ice on…read more
NOWHERE - Key of G James Michael Taylor 1. Maybe I misunderstood G Maybe I was wrong C But I thot you loved me D You stayed so long G 2. Maybe I missed something…read more
Just musing about all the "can do" quotes I see on Facebook. If I could play the fiddle, I’ll tell you what I’d do I’d believe in what you say and I’d believe in you But I can’t play the fiddle no matter how many I try Since I was in the…read more
She had a beer and I drank water Rectangle pizzas cut in quarters But to me none of that mattered She was the Woman At The Well We ordered appetizers Four bucks apiece it's Happy Hour I couldn't take my eyes off her I drove the car. She…read more
Sometimes it's hard to figure out what just happened. And then again it's sometimes hard to figure out something that happened years ago. (To answer the question by the commenter, that's all me and my little self all alone in the basement…read more
The "umph" heard round the world. This month the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald will be 50 years ago. A remembrance by GHOST OF JOHN MURPHY. On the VOICES CD. (C) 2013 Royal T Music
You'll be hearing about this stuff in the news... This is a GHOST OF JOHN MURPHY song. On the VOICES CD. Words by Jeff Prince arranged by Ghost of John Murphy. http://www.alternet.org/books/mind-blowing-journey-jungle-sacred-life-altering…read more
This is another GHOST OF JOHN MURPHY piece from the VOICES CD... DIAMOND - Monster Wave It started with an earthquake half a mile below Belching like a bull whip to make the water blow Monster in the making, Frankenstein unchained Gravity…read more
This is a GHOST OF JOHN MURPHY SONG I laid down some tracks and Jeff, upon listening came up with this rant... NO MORE No more sin or sorrow foolish tantrum to a fault No more dirth upon the land that withers under the assault No…read more
It hit me...I know so many sides of so many arguments it's all become useless. TOO MUCH I’ve heard too much. I’ve seen too much Don’t ask me any questions because I know too much I’ve read too much. I’ve written too much Consider…read more
This song is from GHOST OF JOHN MURPHY's CD VOICES. (Jeff Prince and JMT) Just to remind people that IRAN is not a desert... With a poem by Sara Behrad. light burned and went toward the heart of dark night like thick dust crawled…read more
This is a true story. I didn't even change the name. Cody is a cowboy, a horseman, that's for sure Traded in his guitar for long John underwear Every day he pulls his boots almost to his knees Oh, Cody is a cowboy. Yippi ki yi yee Just…read more
From a poemread more
They discovered a planet that has no star Maybe they'll let me name it whoever they are I know all about a planet without a star Oh, please let me name it. I know all about it A planet. No orbit. Just lost out in space No hope or habit…read more