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This blues piece uses my Blue Just tuning system (1/1, 15/14, 9/8, 6/5, 5/4, 4/3, 7/5, 3/2, 8/5, 5/3, 9/5, 15/8, 2/1). For more on my tuning go to

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the bearded men stood up and left the room.'s avatar
the bearded men stood up and left the room. said

Thank you sir.

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Reefwalker said

like the split pans, and the alt tuning listens are always cool too

ronny jones's avatar
ronny jones said

tht was dope.

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

Talent and more talent.

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Very cool

Mama Corn's avatar
Mama Corn said

Also very groovy, you need a band, my friend.

Lil' mar mar's avatar
Lil' mar mar said

i jumped too. cool groove.

vaisvil's avatar
vaisvil said

nice work - I didn't know you were posting pieces here until I saw your link on the JI list.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

nice bit of guitar that lead made me jump when it started from right speaker great stuff

Guest said

John Oh! Very cool playing.

Guest said


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