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A Material Swirl


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Second project for Andrew Huang’s music production course.

Here, we had to record sounds and try to build a song. This song didn’t get fully formed, but the elements are in place here.

Intro background sound: Drawing on a kid’s magnetic scratch pad, run through Ableton’s “Corpus” effect
Choppy vocal sound: A sheep, pitched down, chopped with volume automation
Bassline: Tractor engine pitched up, with reverb and saturation
Swipe sounds: swiping on various surfaces in kid’s room, reverb/echo
Bell: Hitting a small IKEA kid’s kitchen pot
Clap: ‘Hungry Hippo’ type board game with frogs who you control to catch marbles
Lead sounds: Synthesized in Helm and Ableton’s Operator synths
Vocal: Me singing with a vocoder. We love you Madonna!

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