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The Last Whale

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For the RPMC Whale Challenge. All sounds guitar. An experiment with Audacity and using Macbook internal mic for room mic.

Guest said

hey bud, thanks for sharing yer stuff with the rest of us. Yer oldies are just as great as yer new stuff is. I wish there was a better format on AT so that the oldies don't get buried. A lot of us have some hidden treasures buried away.

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Guest said

Kavin, Maybe one day we'll get together and gig. (:-) "The Last Whale" - Acoustic Guitar by Ken Mahren video on youtube, click on above link. take care, Ken Mahren

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sullyxx66 said

mystic and evokes a hot suummer to me.

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another cultural landslide said

Kavin...this is BRILLIANT!!!!

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kavin. said

Thanks CE. A little delay and metal slide on the low strings. The "whale song" is reversed in the middle of the song.

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childhoodsend said

This is great. I have been trying to figure out how to do this. So how (pray tell) do you get Humpback to sing guitar?