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A little something I’ve been toying with based on one of the chords from Free’s “It’s Alright Now”.

Apologies for my rusty recording mojo…

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Mr Sandbags said

Just got around to listening to this and I think your mojo is intact because it’s really lovely.

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kirklynch said

Quite lovely!

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kavin. said
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Wildgeas Music said

Magnificent - Mellow - Inspiring

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Djörk said

awesome delay effects. shimmering, hypnotic - love it :)

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kavin. said

dreamy. great. But now I have that blasted earworm.

Guest said

Most ethereal delicate. Very pretty!

Guest said

Very nice tones and playing. Very tranquil

Guest said

Oh my, how lovely! Dreamy, airy, swept away…