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I've Got It

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Whatever “it” is.
Recorded for the 2020 RPM Challenge

I Got It

Well I woke up this mornin
Water all around
If I hadn’t raised my head good god I woulda drowned
Now I got it
I got it
Yeah I got it and I just can’t give it away

The sky was on fire, hell was cool
When I fell in love with you I turned into a fool
Now I got it
I got it
I got it bad and I just can’t give it away

Running through molasses
Like a bad dream
I can’t find my glasses
Everything is harder makes me wanna scream
Because I got it
I’ve got it bad
I’ve got it
And it just won’t go away

Well I thought you’d be my friend until your dyin day
But when I meet you on the street I look the other way
Because you got it
You got it too!
You know you got it baby
But I don’t got you