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The Vaseline Queen of Abilene

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Although they would probably not admit it, writing credits to Carl Barnhardt and Kevin Martin.

Recorded for the 2020 RPM Challenge

The Vaseline Queen of Abilene

There’s a little town out west of Sabine
Where the wind spins the turbine
I met a woman named

She was the harlequin queen of Abilene…
She covered her hands & feet with vaseline
And all in places in between
But she kind of smelled like gasoline
Or a real old can of Valvoline
We jumped and humped
On a broken trampoline
I fell off and ruptured my spleen
That gal’s desire was too extreme
So I had to leave
The Vaseline Queen of Abilene

Even though she treated me mean
I just can’t seem to stop thinkin
No matter how much I keep drinkin
The Vaseline Queen of Abilene

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