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Lt. Dan (More Important Things Than Living)

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Lyrics by Dale Houstman
Music and production by Kavin.
Mastered by Clint Niosi

“There Are More Important Things in Life Than Living”
dedicated to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

There are pleasures we shall never meet again
as we drop our lovers off and take that bend.
It snakes around and bites us in the end.
We’re not dreaming anymore.
We just pretend.

We are drowning with each breath
and we are shivering.
We are looking at the face of death
and you are slithering
We think we heard you say:

“There are more important things than living.”

The fool is alive!
He sits on the Hill.
Born to always
be the shill
for the shadow
of a doubt.
Will he ever figure out
to drink the coffee down
before it spills?

He lingers in his stain
reflects the withering.
What is in his brain
To cause such blithering
His head is leaking words:

“There are more important things than living.”

[short passage]

Is this opera about a throne of blood?
Are we lost inside an empire?
Is this the reptile we shall not tread?
Are we finally inspired?
Who can give excuses to the dead?

His smirk will ornament the average noose
as time crochets a wheelchair for the blues.
He’s a well-paid pauper yapping for the views.
He’s a creature at the door
as we go through.

A touch of fragile reverence
our labored breathing.
Comforting words as they pass on
For them there is no more needing
At the money trough Lt. Dan is feeding

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Sister Savage said

Clever - depressing - clever.