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Mary Jane


A band version of this song

KC - guitar, vocals & mix
Bingsolex - lead guitar
Erwin B - bass, recording
Hans Nooitgedagt Jr - drums

They say that you are evil
They say that you are bad
They say you got me hooked
They say you drive me mad

You are so seductive
They say you are a waste
You’re forbidden fruit
But I just have a taste

Refr: Mary Jane, Oh Mary Jane, Mary Jane
In this mad, mad world you keep me sane

Don’t they see your beauty
Your heavenly smell
Magic in your eyes
I am under your spell

Sunshine in my head
When you come along
The feelings that I get
They just can’t be wrong


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Latest Comments

funkomatt said

Just lit one up this morning while listening to that song. Beautiful.

Gary Fox said

I love the guitars on this. Great tone!

James Michael Taylor said

Love the rawness of the tracks and the
mix. Just wish the vocal was out a bit more.

pharmakeus said

Really great progression. Awesome song performed with style :)

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