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Due to climate change we’ve had little rain in the last couple of years
The day after I had written this song it rained all day :-)

The third year of drought
Three summers in a row
A relentless sun in the sky
And nothing will grow

Refr: The land is so dry
Cracks in the ground
The sun burning hot
No water to be found

It’s way too hot outside
Can’t stand the heat
There’s is no way to hide
Dust whirls up around my feet


Brdg: Rain, rain, rain is what we need

Waiting for the west wind
That comes from the sea
It will bring us showers
It will give us energy



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Andrew Russe said

Back for another listen. Yep. Those are gorgeous guitars, and the groove, and the vocal... And the harmonies on the bridge... This is mighty fine.

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Greg Connor said

That guitar track is addictive. Your songs alway have a great groove. And this one, It’s a real foot tapper.

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Andrew Russe said

I was listening to this without having read the blurb (or listening to the words...) I was thinking "that's a nice summery vibe" ... given it's been cold and cloudy here all day!! Then I paid attention to the lyrics... oops! Yep, it actually works perfectly for that too...

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