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Code Talker

Keith Landry

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The last of the original 29 Navajo Code Talkers died not long ago. Go look them up if you don’t know the story. These were some of the finest men to ever serve.


Boys were dying across the ocean
Words were stolen, and codes were broken
They came recruiting to the reservation
You said, “I’ll do it” - no hesitation
Twenty-nine men taking cover
Without a weapon in your hand
Passing notes to one another
Your backs against the sand

There’s no guessing how many made it back
Through the fog of war - no one keeping track
None survive now who volunteered to go
To risk their precious lives - hell, we’ll never know
How much you shortened the war
Head down in the combat zone
Now you don’t have to worry anymore
Ride on home
Ride on home

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Matt Ferrara said

This one, too. I listened to the album over at RPM but came over here to seek out my favorites so I could comment on the individuals. This guitar work is my favorite, both the tone and how it complements the vocal line.

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Bethan Mathis said

How interesting! A fine tribute. Lovely guitar.

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Sister Savage said

Absolutely loving the open air feel to the guitar line from the get go .

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