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Keith Landry

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Well, this song showed up right at the end of the recording session, and it reminded me of why I do this - and it was just what I needed.


I agreed to meet
I smile and take a seat
To hear you say how I could be a star
But I’ve heard the stories
Of artists chasing glory
Who wind up living in their cars
Not my idea of going far

You’d like to sell me
And you try to tell me
My song would play on every phone
But you don’t know me
So don’t try to show me
I’m not better on my own
I don’t need your megaphone

There’s no denying
Despite how hard you’re trying
You’re looking out for number one
I won’t be signing
After all your wine and dining
But thanks for coming, this was fun

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Matt Ferrara said

This is my favorite track on the album, for a couple reasons. One, I know it wasn’t “planned.” I like that. I like imagining you channeling it. Two, the guitars. That nylon-stringed guitar adds a lovely texture. Three, your voice is superb on this. Perfect album closer. This album is certainly one to be proud of, my friend. Looking forward to seeing you in Portsmouth.

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Sister Savage said

I've had this album playing through my house all morning. An absolute triumph, Keith. Magnificent performances, and the writing absolutely shines. Serious kudos!

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Bethan Mathis said

Love this Keith. Acoustic guitar played so well! Does it for me!

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