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The Tree

Keith Landry

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Take me where I’ve never been
Give me bad instructions once again
Strap me in and watch me fly
Sit back, take bets on just how long until I die
Just me against the world
Impressing all the pretty girls

I’ll do impressions standing on my head
Perhaps you’d like a song instead?
That double diamond underneath the lift
Consider it your little gift
Damn, I’m looking good
Just like you knew I would

I believe in karma
I believe in fate
I believe that I’ll be leaving with you, you just wait
So much of your future
I already see
Until I met the tree

Curled up in a dark room all alone
Next time I’ll have to break some bones
No little angel sitting next to me
I sure could use a little sympathy

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another cultural landslide said

Another nice track, Keith. w;)

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