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“Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die,
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly” ~ Langston Hughes


Hold on gently to your dreams
Or else your dreams could die
Like unto an injured bird
For battered wings, they will not fly

Better yet to set them free
And watch the way they go
Follow them where they may lead
Upon the wind those wings will flow

  • Dreams are birds that need to fly
  • Don’t clutch upon them so
  • They can soar so very high
  • If you let them go

Open palms will free your dreams
And let your dreams take flight
Follow after where they soar
Remember, keep your dreams in sight

– In your grip there is a bird
– And your wish this fowl has heard
– And her wings can take you there
– Dreams can take you anywhere

– In your heart there is a way
– Make your dreams come true someday
– If her wings are free to fly
– Let her go and let her try

7/28/2014 Merry Bear

These Metal Days's avatar
These Metal Days said

Definite hit potential.

starrynightmoth's avatar
starrynightmoth said

My bird wants to soar! I've been holding onto her for a while just petting her and admiring her but she really wants to fly high! I just don't want anything to happen to her or to lose track of her.

Guest said

Uplifting in a Surreal way.