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Zona (Russian word for ‘zone’) was inspired by Andrei Tarkovsky’s movie Stalker where the protagonist takes his guests to a ‘forbidden zone’ to experience glimpses of an alternative reality.

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Wildgeas Music said

Tranquil and soothing. You have a real polished style.

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igor said

You know, I always thought that he leads them into experience the true reality - the one that actually is. If it is ... Hmm... My impression from that "zone" lighter than yours. Well, I will answer thee, with my play.

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Lena Selyanina said

Thank you all for the nice feedback! Nebulonic, I am very happy if I have given you some piano work inspiration. :) Lena

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kirklynch said

Really quite beautiful in its own dark way! Enjoyed that

Guest said

really great track!

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