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Piccola mia

Lena & Irina Panfilova

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Altair Sound said

You're improving, I think; this is outstanding. I especially like it when you sing in other languages.

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ravencrowe said

i see you guys performing on stage with red drapes..and the phantom of the opera playing your piece..grandeur..i like:)

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kauaikta said


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stoman said

Bellissima! I love Italian, and the music and the angelic vocals support that language perfectly.

Guest said

Lena, thank you! You are an angel! You play and sing like one too! x

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igor said

~addio piccola mia~

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richardlaceves said

very beautiful, amazing vocal arrangements,, splendid the way your voices flow together so well,, beautiful

Guest said

Hi ladies, just going to have my ears charmed for a while. Love Bethan x

Guest said

Beautiful song - enchanting video!

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Endicott Road said

Very nice. Love the harmonies and the overall melody the most. ER

Guest said

Oh ladies, gorgeous as usual. Very pretty vocals and delicate piano playing.

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Wildgeas Music said

You ladies are incredible. Splendid.

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