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We try to include a song about a donkey on each record. This is a factually accurate tale of Romulus, the world’s tallest donkey.
Romulus is 12 years old and 17 hands
At 5 foot 8 he’s taller than Oklahoma Sam
The world’s tallest donkey, Guinness put it in their book
If you don’t believe me, you can go take a look

That’s right, he’s the world’s tallest donkey, such a sight to see
The world’s tallest donkey, Much bigger than you and me
An American mammoth, about the size of a car
If you try to move him you won’t get very far

He has a brother names Remus, nearly as tall
But Romulus is bigger, the biggest of them all
1300 pounds, 600 kilos across the pond
That’s enough to scare you, if you found him on your lawn

American Mammoth Jackstock gelding
Guarding the farm from predators
And you’d best not disturb them
‘Cause it’ll cause quite a stir
from The Cleaner, released September 4, 2017
Tim - Vox, Guitar, Bass, Harmonium, Drum Programming
Bob - Backing Vox
Clarke - Flutes and Whistles

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

And finally, the donkey song. I was getting worried.

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Matt Ferrara said

I hear the Mojo Nixon influence here, in the best possible way

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Daemon Busy said

Tim Wainright III!! Love it.

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Keith Landry said

You need help. I'm glad you're not getting it.

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