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Be Thou My Vision

Lisa D

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I recorded this for a friend to play at her wedding ceremony.

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Greg Connor said

That Whistle . . . Wow!

Guest said

very moving

Guest said

Supremely super stuff. a very clean mix. Do you ever get a smudge.

Guest said

a beautiful song

Guest said

Agree with Greg...this is just so beautiful!

Guest said

Enchanting high notes there lisa. Beautiful work, your friend must have been delighted.

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Roger M. Harris said

Ok, where's my invite !!

Guest said

It amazes me that all that tone can come from a whistle

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Greg Connor said

First time through, WOW, that is beautiful. Second time through, I'm just amazed. You have captured that lonesome emotion that washes into the feeling of something bigger than us. The drone supporting the whistle compliments perfectly. Third time through ... even better.

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kirklynch said

Wonderful! I've always loved this tune.

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