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Born Again


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Experimenting with asynchronous, layered picking. I thought it would sound really cool. Guess what? It doesn’t! … Well, all of the mistakes aside … it’s growing on me.

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Movement To Contact said

Actually i like the picking. I like something that is a little different from the noraml style. Dig the song, and did not even notice the mistakes.

Guest said

very nice.

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launched said

Pro songwriting, I love it. And you really put it right out there - Awesome! It's a little short, though - I could picture this going into some kind of strumming break, and then back to the first part again.

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Wildgeas Music said

Fav'ed and saved. This is a wonderful tune. Sounds good here.

Guest said


Guest said

Good tune , just tweak it till you get it where ya want it.

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