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I stole this corny song from some kid on youtube:

I had to get it out of my head. Now hit pause and go play the real corny song by some kid on youtube. Then it will be stuck in your head and you will be forced to copy it to get it out of your head.


We could cover ourselves in a rainforest
just to hide from the world
we could hold hands there forever
Living off the fruits, from our rainforest garden

You-u-u, you-u-u are who I dreamed of last night
I…, I… was walking next to you, your hand in mine

We spent that night, by the fire
Speaking about, what’s to come
The night birds flew past, with a whisper
You held me close, into dawn

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corbinSound said

images of inspiration

Guest said

one tar i voice but full sounding,unpredictable nice vereations

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launched said

I'm lovin' it!

Guest said

Doesn't sound corny to me - and your passion resonates. Brilliant.

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Movement To Contact said

Listened to both...yep stuck in my head...better find some other music to get it out. On the plus side your is much better then his ;)

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lumberfork said

Damn it. Still stuck in my head. What evil is this?

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