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Criminal Duplet (And The Promise They Couldn't Keep)

Magic Bullet

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Well, we blame that Elling Lien and his RPM thing. You see, we recorded this track “R.F.A.” for the February challenge, and we were quite satisfied with the psychological and auditory damage we had caused with that one. But then they say; “Hey, why not record something EVERY month for us? For a YEAR!” Skit and I looked at eachother, ummed and ahhed over coffee and biscotti, decided it was a noble and worthy concept, thus we he had a moral obligation to support it! So, I put a message on the RPM Facebook page; “For the ‘every month’ one (yeah, let’s do it!), what are the requirements for track lengths etc? Ta. #InEllingWeTrust!” No length limit, he tells us. So we thanked him and added; “No 35 minute ear-bleeders for this one though, promise!” And he says; “Don’t make promises you can’t keep!” You can see where this is going, can’t you? ;->
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