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Sudaras Cluefull


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The first time I played over this song, maybe about 10 years ago - I remember jumping up and down with joy, because it was the first time for me to add some violin tracks, where I felt like they didn’t get in the way of what was there.

I made a new version a couple of months ago, because I felt like the old version had still too much violins in it (and there were some intonation problems..), and I feel like this one does too - haha. Maybe I’ll be happy with the 3rd version..

Sudara wrote the song and recorded the guitar, and I improvised a couple of melodies on top of it and mixed it to the best of my abilities (poorly).

Still, when I listened to it again tonight after listening to the news for an hour, it was very calming and pleasant.


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World War Nine said

That was a pleasant listen - don't sell yourself on the mixing side, I heard just a few minor inconsistencies but overall I think you've got the hang of it.

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