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Danny, Don't Take it From Me (09.11.2009)

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We celebrate the passing of a great musical instrument. Hobart M. Cable, the piano lent to us this summer, is going back to his kind owner, Danny. He will be dearly missed.

We hastily wrote this little ditty in his last few hours in our possession.

This ol’ piano, sings tenor, soprano
and alto and bass with glee.

Drove down the road to my humble abode,
and set this ol’ upright free.

It brought me glory of which there is more, see,
a summer well spent with thee.

At your discretion it was my possession,
Danny don’t take it from me.

When I go on you’ll be there
The pearly gates open on your care.
And I will bask in your sweet sound
I found you again, around you we’ve found our ol’ fare

I must endure. Life will go on - sure.
Ever mature, I must be.

But I’ll love you always, your sweet aural bouquets,
The gray makes it hard to see.

There are no pranks man, I give you my thanks, dan
but please don’t you take it take it from me.

Mannequin Races's avatar
Mannequin Races said

Whimsical! Nice ode to your borrowed friend! Very original!

mmi's avatar
mmi said

Brilliant. Wow. And yay for mumsie!

glu's avatar
glu said

and of course, awesome arrangement and performance(s). ;-) I thought about stealing our mum's piano... thoughts? I'm starting to feel like I need one too... well, I've been feeling that way for some time, and I'm afraid that any instrument in that house sits neglected until we come home for the holidays!

glu's avatar
glu said

oh for f*$%#s sake! This is no small timbre leaving the Megafauna musical palette... time to pony up and get one, brother and friends.

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

You folks have a strangle hold on ORIGINAL!!

Guest said

We can all pitch in for a decent rental until you guys get some paying gigs the guy who makes rocks smaller

Guest said

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Whaaa Piano fund in your future mumsie

Guest said

Oh my god...genius! !! And !!!! And I LOVE your voice!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest said

(Prev comment from the aforementioned Dan)

Guest said

Wow, I feel like an asshole ... heartfelt, and beautiful!

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

:( BIG I'm depressed. There are other pianos.

donuts's avatar
donuts said

This song is great. Fun to listen to. Savvy arrangement and vocal treatment.

Camaron Ochs's avatar
Camaron Ochs said

Don't take it, Dan!! :*(