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Hurt, Angry and Drunk


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A drone + some angry drunken guitar playing.

Trying to capture a feeling…

You have just had a fight/argument with a lover but you’re drunk and your feelings are lost in a swimming haze.

Tech details:

Drone is two tracks, volume pedal swells with delay and uPOG into the looper, build a bit. Dup the track, reverse it and pan each left and right.

Apply much reverb to each. As before, use two different reverbs on separate return tracks, each panned hard.

Third track, play live and “aggro”. Added ValhallaShimmer and verbs for body.

PS Thanks for the concern but really, I’m fine.

Guest said

Mornin MMI , this is exactly what the world sounds like when I am Drinking. A bit chathedral abit rock and roll.This is Faved

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Movement To Contact said

Would Fav it again if i could.

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Movement To Contact said

Agree with Kavin, packed with emotion. Hope things work out for the best. From great pain comes great music. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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kavin. said

Your mood really comes thru in the music. Hope it all works out.

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kirklynch said

Love that drone sound! And then you got work out your inner Pete Townshend too!

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