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Young Sunrise

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My favorite time of day.

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thiscausticautumn said

Oh, nice rhythms happening here. 1:00 mark... heck yes, man. very tasteful indeed. I keep thinking, "this is my favourite track so far," until the next track starts. These songs are in the perfect order. This album really grows and unfolds and gets thicker and wider and ... what is happening at the 2:30 mark? That's bloody awesome man. I didn't see that coming. Too good.

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another cultural landslide said

This track is fabulous! Interesting drum line & & love how the whole track fits together. I now have another favorite track. w;-)

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kirklynch said

Another fave! Great album altogether!

Guest said

Indeed quite different to your previous works, and an excellent album. i love how it combines down-to-earth rock with almost "Frippish" elements

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Orphans said

hey, nice record you made here - feels really good!