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Analyze analytical actions I suppose
Formatting frustration fickle fascination falls
Recite riddles maybe, or measure many moves
Controlling correct posture
Pulsing perpendicular


I know to some degree the source of the lyrical nature
I’ve studied since seventeen
Doesn’t mean that I’m the expert
I might not be a poet
Or didn’t know it at the time
Melody is the method to my madness
Satisfaction is sublime

Corrupt cluttered congress
Position plundered past
Tiny terrorizing trolls
Beneath the Brooklyn bridge
Lingering loft lifeform
Speak softly smothered space
Eradicate lets consummate
Devastation in the wake


My prediction for this victim is finding a way
The answer to this disaster is humble at best
Can you decipher the coding in between the lines
I’m feeling fine


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Keith Landry said

Dude, I'm firing up a new project if you want to join in the mayhem!

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