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Naomi Daulby - Go Your Own Way

Naomi Daulby

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So we’re locked down, and got bored, so we downloaded the stems for Fleetwood Mac’s track, ditched all the vocals and rerecorded them.

Billy then remixed and mastered the track.

I hope we haven’t butchered it too much if it’s one of your favourites!


Guest said

I love your voice so proud!

Guest said

brilliant! Miss hearing your voice takes me back to our younger days x

Guest said

Nailed the bv's..... Very impressive x

Guest said

Great stuff!

Guest said


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The Proods said


Guest said

Loved it, great was to brighten the world during dark times ❤️

Guest said

Excellent. The tone of your voice..fab!

Guest said

Awesomeness 😁♥️

Guest said

I freakin love your voice!!!❤️

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