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Hi all,
I’m back to Alonetone after a long hiatus. I got the urge to record more of my songs. Since my son started playing guitar, I wanted to share with him my music. I just want to show him that music is a wonderful creative outlet to express yourself; it’s not about fame, money and competition. Anyway, there will be more songs coming, but here is my first one for 2019. I hope you enjoy it.


I’m not here to kiss your ass
I’m not here to make you laugh
I’ve come here to open your eyes
I’ve come here to shed some light

I’ve come here to shake your system
I’ve come here to make you listen
I’ve come here to rock the boat
I’ve come here, to, shock

Cut my wrists with a rusty ax
Tie myself to railroad tracks
Build a big road blockade
Getting attention is hard these days


Life is filled with broken dreams
Can’t you see hearts bleeds
You only see what you want to see
Blinded by your narrow beliefs

By: Nick Plagakis (Copyright)

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Greg Connor said

Setting the example and setting the pace. Way to go. When will we hear the next generation?

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Bethan Mathis said

Great energy Nick. I hope you and your son share as much fun with music as Tess and I have. Good to hear from you. Bee

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