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Between the Saddle and the Ground


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All of a sudden, Mercy. Just like that.

Everything: Reefwalker

Percussion: Norm

Sound Bite: A bad-assed sage, who is very special to us.

Etching: Bob Coronato

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launched said

Sniffing around here a little bit, if I haven't said it before you guys are awesome! Really enjoyed this incredible tune. And three years ago. Inspires me to create... music... Betweeeeen the Saddle!!! Eh maybe next year, but that's tomorrow!!!

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thetworegs said

I'm getting on bare back yeeh haar !!

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Sister Savage said

Joyful everything.

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Norm said

Tell me, exactly who could actually stay on that horse? Then I will tell you. The bad-assed sage would have worn that pony out.

Guest said

This music makes me so happy! What a privilege it was to see the few hours you spent, prior to sending it to your Mighty Brother, the Reefwalker. Great sound guys!

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Colleen Dillon said

really cool song.... love the vibe! The etching is outstanding! Congrats on this collab

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Reefwalker said

Glad to get back in the saddle with a Norm collab! Fun making this one, thanks Norm!

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