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Everyday Heroes

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Everyday Heroes
T. Boudreau

What if i told you there were everyday heroes
That walked along side of us all
Holding it together though hell n high water
Always there to answer the call

I’m pretty sure that’s your brother
I’m betting that’s somebody’s mom
Out on the front line making better
Out there to overcome

I swear there are wingless angels
Looking in and after everyone
A gift from a stranger when no one else would claim ya’s like the lift of a morning sun

C’mon now sister, sing the song for everyone
Strike up the band and bring the choir
And we shall all overcome

Recently there’s a light in me that suddenly seems so strong
To desperately and systematically right the wrongs
There’s a pageantry of imagery that seamlessly taints my soul
Willingly its been killing me all along

Ya gotta trust ‘em like he was your brother
Hug ‘er like she was your mom
Out on the front line making better
Way out there to overcome

So raise your glass to the everyday hero
She’s fearless behind that mask
No cape is required, no thirst to be admired no, no one even had to ask
They’re just everyday heroes

TB - Vocals / Guitars / Bass / Synth/ Beat
JY - Accordian

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Colin Garvey said

Nice album. Well done guys :)