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Ocean Soul

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Ocean / Soul
C. Maiorano

Waves of adoration crash on the rocks of you
The cruel tide drags affections down
Deep below the surface of the cold steel blue
The unsettled sea tries to swallow and drown

Were you a sandy beach, welcoming these waters
Shell and stone, ground, millennia pass
Two elements collide in a natural order
Bringing quiet calm to these shores at last

What lurks in the murkiness so deep??
Some leviathan that haunts our sleep?? Floating about our psyche, in dreams we weep
What do we hide from the surface, sea secrets we keep??

The calming sound of relentless pounding
Fortitude of stone’s denial, resounding Storm surge of emotion compounding
Enigma of ocean’s heart, confounding
These depths won’t reveal their dead
Once majestic sails, tattered shreds
Memory corpses, keep the sharks fed
Treasure hidden, under sea bed

Waves of adoration disembodied
Cold and empty, a gaping hole
Could it be, to all, the rocky coast is me??
And lovely you, the adoring, ocean/soul??

CM - Vocals / Guitars / Bass
JY - Keys
TB - Beat

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