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Already Lost


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Already Lost

A day late and few bucks short
Is how i lived my life
Kicking around this no where town
Since the Great Divide

And they say that heaven can wait
But i’ve seen fingers were crossed
And he who speculates is already lost

I’ve been itching to take up some fishing since the truth is getting so hard to find
When yer hooked on hate its best ya cut bait
To find that nothing was ever really on that line

They say that heaven can wait
And bridges were built to be crossed
And he who hesitates is already lost

And they say that heaven will shine
Over our darkest days
But I’d be so inclined to be in the shade

Over the hills and far away
Bout where the blue starts to turn to gray
We all hear em talking but not what they say anyway

Over the years the months and the days
All of our memory fades
We cant hear em talking or care what they say anyway

I’m Five foot eight on my better days but its sure has been a while
Rise n shine behind enemy lines never enough time to reconcile

And I hear that heaven can wait
But i’ve never been on time
As I stand here at the gates
Feel free to cut the line

And they say that heaven ain’t far
And if ya don’t mind i’ll just wait
Right over there at that bar
With my ol’ friend Fate
Oh you remember Fate

C Maiorano- Drums, percussion - even sings a bit!
Shandy Lawson - MandoSaurus!
TB - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, Synth

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