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About "Belladonna"


(Timbob Tune / Chris Lyric)

I see her beauty shines so bright

In the red summer sunlight

Venus casts her blinding light

Much to Mars’ delight

A molten marriage of fire and ice

The seductive serpent in paradise

She’s the Goddess of naughty and nice

And I’m the fool gonna pay the price

Belladonna I want ya to be mine

Since I saw your beautiful eyes

Poison in my honey wine

Should I heed the warning signs?

Belladonna be mine

Just a toxic little love bite

A classic case of lust at first sight

She’ll cast her spell, so hard to fight

Wrapped in her coils, so right

Belladonna sunshine hope you’ll be mine

Like our zodiac signs our stars are aligned

Our fates are entwined sinful divine forever frozen in time

Belladonna be mine

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