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About "Never Too Late"

Never Too Late

Lyrics - Boudreau

Music - Maiorano / Boudreau

You see the light, piercing your eyes

til it burns thru the back of your head

You wake from screams that shattered your dreams

loud enough to raise the dead

a whispering voice cuts thru the noise

to warn you of things to come

ignore the choice stay the course and

straight to oblivion

Come, wont you take my hand

hide in the smoke laugh at the joke

that says theres so much more

play by the rules, protect the fools

then question the final score

tow the line, follow the blind

put faith in the hands of a thief

Listen instead, to what the enemy said

or the voice of your own beliefs

Come, wont you take my hand

Walk with me thru the sands

The tide will wipe the past clean

The shells help to understand

Never is it ever too late

To plot the chart of your own fate

cycle of days just like a maze

always choices to make

the habit to break is the constant mistake

of embracing what we must shake

a mind at rest is described the best

when it needs nothing else

but one that depends on the strength within

and the power in each of us

Come, wont you share my mind

a wishes get tossed forever lost

into the bottomless well

all of the prayers are only hot air

unless they are truely felt

only do right with all of your mite

and begin to heal within

stare down your fears embrace the years

nows when you begin

Come, wont you share my mind

Take with you whatever you find

Welcome all of those who are lost

help them leave their past behind

Never is it ever too late

To plot the chart of your own fate

Chris - drums

John MacFadyen - vocals

Jay Sanderson - Lead guitar solo

bonehead - guitars, bass, keys

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