Tharek Ali Mokbul

Tharek Ali Mokbul

from London, United Kingdom

About "What is Less..."

What is less….
W/M by OsCKilO

Wealthy though our Wage has long been spent.
Treasures here from old world comforts rest .
Don’t have no Limousine come calling at my door.
Can’t buy my time - while -I am running late.

See, hear I understand where we Belong
No Credit due. No Chain to show my wrong.
No doubt the marks are left in chequered wounds upon my flesh.
No Credit due unless you have known debt.

But we don’t need no lies to have it all.
No pocket can be lined by paper notes.
An Emperor trades gold for magic codes you cannot see.
A man can sell his freedom for his land.

Like a penny on a train track, stretched till flat.
A passing Locomotive, it just won’t come back.
But pennies don’t buy gold to standards owed.
Just a ticket to your tether and your rope.

I’m with you, thats no easy thing to say.
Love of money stronger than the bonds that tie our lives
So we just fight it out for what is left
So we just fight it out for what is less

See seconds All Turn Minutes till midnight.
Hours Turn to days in front of Hungry eyes.
Left to laugh our bellies full till then.
And wait till morning light to eat our fill.

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