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I Can't See the Road Ahead (piano/vocal demo)

Jeff Gordon

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Superskirmish L - one hour write (except I went over by 15 minutes) - prompt: “The Road Ahead”

I Can’t See the Road Ahead
We’re in the kind of storm I dread
Driving slower so I might find
A speed where I won’t feel so blind
This feeling like I’ve lost control
A sense that I may lose my soul
But if I trust and keep on moving
Perhaps my vision will start improving

I Can’t See the Road Ahead
A highway that I fear to tread
But I’ll continue for I must
Despite my disappearing trust
I’ll keep my hands firm on the wheel
And fight the worry that I feel
Like a soldier going into battle
Who in his mind can’t stop the rattle

Windshield wipers on high speed
The rain keeps pouring, let it bleed
The wind maintains its steady roar
A chilly feeling to the core

I Can’t See the Road Ahead
But the storm is clearing, it’s stopped its spread
A little longer and I will see
The place where I am meant to be
Then I’ll stop and rest awhile
Allow myself to finally smile
And ponder what is coming next
Accept that life can be complex

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thetworegs said

Well worth the hour or so ....

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