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So Old So Fast (piano/vocal demo)

Jeff Gordon

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Next superskirmish, 1-hr write - prompt: “Unexpected (Something you didn’t anticipate, whether a Positive surprise (a wonderful occurrence/event) or a Negative one (a challenge/obstacle/disappointment)” So of course the subject of aging was first to pop up (I turned 60 this year! I sure don’t feel it).

How’d I Get So Old So Fast
When I finally found myself at last
After years of aimless wandering
Wasted time spent pondering
Feeling that I’d live forever
An attitude that said “whatever”
Took each and every moment for granted

How’d I Get So Old So Fast
Don’t get me wrong it’s been a blast
Memories that I truly cherish
And some that I might call nightmarish
Moments etched in my mind
Others I’d rather not find
Love and loss and friends along the way

A brief moment in time
A short space where we all can climb
And take a break when we need to
Do what you think you’re supposed to do
And trust that it will all work out alright

How’d I Get So Old So Fast
Time is short but I also see it as vast
Was it chance or part of a bigger plan
From now to back when I began
I don’t really need to know
For now I think I’ll stay in this flow
And keep on moving forward as I should

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