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The Days of Wonder (piano/vocal demo)

Jeff Gordon

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Last skirmish of this years 50/90. Great prompt: “Wonder”

The days
The Days of Wonder
Are they gone
Gone forever
It makes me sad
I thought I’d never
I’d hoped my hard-nosed nature was a fad
With blinders on
Can’t see the beauty
The truth’s not gone
It’s our duty

I remember
The Days of Wonder
And I wish
They would return
Like a precious child
There’s so much to learn
When my eyes were open I truly smiled
So am I stuck
In my refusal
With rotten luck
Stubborn recusal

When I was a child my mind was open
Absorbing my surroundings with such glee
Why as the years have past do I feel broken
When there’s still so very much to see

Could I return
To The Days of Wonder
Where all I see
Turns to gold
No more regrets
Worries of growing old
What one puts into life is what one gets
See true joy
True joy and sorrow
The attitude I employ
The wonder of today and tomorrow

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Andrew Russe said

Woo! Nice one. Followed. Looking forward to hearing more of your stuff (I'm playing catch up after being quiet for a few weeks)

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