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this song is about recovering from the scars of relationships and dealing with pain in your life and other musings. done in a hard rock- metal vein! running time 7:52

  cycatrix © - words by frank miller

i was thinking heavily
about the things that had affected me
some i took way too hard
some that literally blew me away

taking my life to the edge didn’t work
nor did the women i seem to choose
in order to save my sanity
i put a halt on the impetuous me

fix yourself before you get involved
that’s why so many relationships fail
open your eyes before your heart
something you should have done from the start

back in 77 i thought that i had it all
the most beautiful hot woman that i ever saw
then soon it ended
and i was never the same
for so many many years, needlessly

an eternal cycatrix inside

man i gotta tell ya

i don’t even know what real love is
i thought i did but i was wrong
i’m singin it in this song cause
i am warning you to be careful of your heart

one day i might get it right
what i’ve been through, such a fright
i’m fixin myself from all the pain
cause to find true love i’ve got to be sane

here’s a tip from me to you
don’t jump at any opportunity
unless you’re a user, and that’s not me
all i want is love, true love, whatever that may be!

floating romantically
just isn’t working for me
but it is all that i know
and i have to let it grow
but there is no one to show

have you ever lost
someone so close
that you thought she’d be
the one you’d marry?

well time doesn’t heal
everything in your life
but now i can move on
such as it is

artifacts owning your heart
can make it fall apart
i never knew this from the start
so that was on me!

the pennance i served was inhumane
it’s a wonder i got out sane
guess i have myself to blame
but i’ve set myself free

so search with your mind
not just heart
don’t let emotions
get the better

it is something
to be conscious of
even if you feel you’re in love

gotta be a wiser man
doin all i can
to not hurt myself
too many hard lessons learned
too many times i’ve been burned

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Mario Pradiptacana said

70's oldies! classic one like the color given to the song fuzzy rhythm, free flowing vocal, dynamic song section, also can't beat those synth lead. i hv a good time, honestly!

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vaisvil said

impressive work all around!

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vaisvil said

man does it ever open with a guitar scream!

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