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dr pretorious


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this is a song about dr pretorious from the movie - the bride of frankenstein.
from the time he met the monster onwards. it’s basically a straight up metal song or perhaps better
called - horror metal!.it runs about 9:30 mins. if you like metal, this song might sound best
cranked UP on your headphones. a few mistakes, but then again, this is a rough demo.

                                   dr pretorious © words and music by frank miller

a skinny frail old man
with madness in his eyes
dr pretorious creating life
blackmailing frankenstein

an evil piercing stare
hid the mad genius from within
miniature life upon his desk
defying god, a mortal sin

but then he met the monster
in an old creepy mausoleum
escaping the wrath of the villagers
with no fear he greeted the man of the dead

he gave him gin
made a toast to their partnership
to a new world of the gods and monsters
eating upon a coffin of a woman
smiles upon their faces
pretorious knew what he was to do

do you know who henry frankenstein is
and who you are?
yes, made me from dead.
i love dead, hate living!
you are wise in your generation
and they concocted a scheme betwixt
next was to meet with henry!


looking at the female skeleton
pretorious hoped her bones were firm
you make man like me? the monster said
no. woman …. friend for you!
woman, friend, wife.
they toasted this dark deed
pretorious knew he could succeed

henry would have no part of this
sick and ailing he declined
pretorious brought in the monster
who asked for a woman, a wife
henry again declined, the monster growled
pretorious whispered to him, now!

and the monster kidnapped henry’s wife
making henry more of a nervous wreck

henry reluctantly agreed after knowing his wife was safe
the bride of frankenstein would be created
pretorious brought henry to his home


pretorious showed henry his creations
mini people of various types
about 7 inches high and very much alive
henry was awestruck
pretorious wanted a full size woman
henry again paining over this, but knew he must!

says henry - this isn’t science
it’s more like black magic
says pretorius - you think i’m mad?
perhaps i am.

together they worked for many days
putting the bride together
the impatient monster waited.
henry’s interest was renewed.

on a dark stormy night
together they worked on a life
the bride for the monster
a female alive from the dead

from corpses was he
from corpses was she
life and death intertwined
can love come from death
can death know love at all?

maniacal was the scene
whilst the monster dreamed of a bride!

while the lightning struck
and the electric sparks flew
her body starting to pulsate
her body started to move

joyous was pretorious
crazed was henry
the bride was now alive
as they checked her vital signs
they took her down from the table
wobbly and scared she stepped

the monster smiled and motioned for her
then she let out a loud scream
he was distraught and tried again
she hissed at him as he cried

henry wife enters
the monster tells her and henry to leave
they should live, the dead should die
with one last tearful look to the bride
the monster blew up the castle
killing himself, the bride and dr. pretorious

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Gene Eric Mann said

I *REALLY* dug this! I wrote a song from the perspective of the monster -- you might be interested in taking a listen to it. But it's not Metal, so you may not care for it. While I am into a wiiiiide variety of genres, I realize most people don't, but here's the link, just in case:

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