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Drowning out the screams of my insanity


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drowning out the screams of my insanity.
another insane song. :P this one starts off soft and progresses to a more metal proggish song.
it runs almost 9:30 mins. thanks for giving a listen.

                                     1893  drowning out the screams of my insanity ©

my life has rarely been of joy
missed out much since i was a boy
watching others have a full life
never having kids or a wife
i wonder
yeah i wonder

i wonder how it might have been
what it might be like
so much time slipped away
as darkness filled my days
the sun never shined
and i was blind
by something i could not perceive
all i could do was grieve for myself

i had absolutely no help
i had no life, no love, no history
secluded from what might have been
oh how helpless i was then
lonliness was my only friend
yet i still try to see
the good things

most of my life
nothing of reality
drowning out the screams
of my insanity
keeping myself busy
with minimal to nothing
trying not to flip out

one day as another
they’re wedged assunder
life is as low
low as it can go
no where to go
no love to know

and now i feel bad
about what i never had
all i had was sad

i don’t really know the reasons why
i tried so hard to die
and all the time i never could cry
seemed like it was my time
but i held on to what was left of my mind
cause i just wanted to cheat death
so i might have a short time to actually live
live the life i’ve never known

keys solos

you can’t always fix yourself
but do the best that you can
don’t let mental illness
blot out the life that you had

realize you are not alone
realize you have value
realize that you can overcome
yes you can overcome

this will never invade me anymore
this will never walk in my door
the rain, and gloom and doom embarks
but not in my mind and my heart

the only cure that was for me
was to dig in and help myself
so that once i came to see
it was my all in my health
and not that i was worthless
not that i was hated
not that i was a low life,
according to some!


the screams
of my

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Johnny Stone said

This is very cool mate

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Andrew Russe said

Flip! What a journey! There's everything in here.

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