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Cottleston Pie

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This is a poem by A. A. Milne from his children’s book, WINNIE-THE_POOH. The musical setting and tune is my own. I just discovered that there is one more verse, so I’ll probably record it again.

Guest said

That's great Paul. I'm looking forward to hearing it. When I started playing this song, my sleeping kitty woke up right away and looked over my way, right where my speaker is. And she started with her slow blinks. A sure sign she loves your song! 😻😸😄 Sandra

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Paul Lisney said

Hi Sandra - thanks for your comment. In answer to your question I had a forgotten I had found another verse to the poem, so, no I haven’t recorded’s been a long time and I’ll have to re-learn how I played the song! I see that the third verse is about a chicken!

Guest said

Did you ever record this song again with the further lyrics that you found? I think this is so cute! I love this little song. I just wish it was longer. I love your guitar playing on this. Sandra

Guest said

Beautiful, God I wish I pick like that.