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Deady Bear

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This is the true story of a poor Teddy Bear who lies out on my lawn year round - winter, summer, spring and fall, in rain, snow or shine.

Dead-y Bear

Dead-y Bear
Why are you lying there?
Does no one love you,
Dead-y Bear?

Dead-y Bear
You’re a moldy and smelly bear
Out in the rain and cold
Poor Dead-y Bear

You used to be Teddy, now you’re Dead-y
Zack left you lying on the ground
Ten feet away from our nice warm home
If you had eyebrows, I bet you’d frown

Oh Dead-y Bear
We’ve grown accustomed to you lying there
Worn and faded from the rain and shine
Our Dead-y Bear

You used to be Teddy, now you’re Dead-y
You were washed and hung out to dry
Days turned weeks, weeks to months and then to years
And no one brought you back inside

Oh Dead-y Bear
Now it’s years that you’ve been there
If you were gone we’d miss you
Dear Dead-y Bear

(C)2014 Paul lisney

Guest said

Sweet and sad at the same time.

Gene Eric Mann's avatar
Gene Eric Mann said

All around groovy -- lyrics, music, vocals -- great job!

Guest said

Greatness right here.